Help Desk

How to get help ?

  • Download and Print the Form for Help or obtain one from the Help desks located at Embassy premises.
  • Fill it. Attach your Passport Copy and the following documents which are appropriate based on the nature of help required.
  • Doctor’s certificate or the clinical findings incase of a medical help.
  • If for repatriation/Air ticket to India of a deportee, person filling should include the file number from the deportation center.
  • If it is for legal assistance details of the case and the type of assistance that is being looked forward.
  • Hand over this form to the ICBF office at the Indian Embassy premises or to any of the committee members.

What happens next:

  • Prima facie the application would be evaluated by one of the committee members regarding the need of the help and would inform the President immediately.
  • For medical cases they are referred to the ICBF panel of Doctors who have volunteered to treat the patients free of charge. In deserving cases either they are transported to the clinic or transportation is arranged. For deserving cases treatment and transportation to India is paid by the ICBF.
  • For deportees either from the detention center or for the prisoners after serving their sentence, on receipt of the intimation from the deportation center for the need of tickets for the deportees it is arranged through one of the airlines and the tickets are provided.

for information you can contact us..


Embassy of India Premises
Villa No 86 & 90, Street No. 941,
Al Eithra Street, Zone 63,Onaiza,
PO Box No. 2788,Doha – Qatar.

For any assistance contact on
ICBF Office 44670060 (9AM-12PM & 4PM-8PM)

President, ICBF Mr. Baburajan PN 55532367
Vice President, ICBF Mr. Mahesh Gowda 55342708
General Secretary, ICBF Mr. Avinash Gaiwad 33865898