Associate Organization

Associate Organizations Membership of ICBF is open to organizations engaged in philanthropic and charitable activities among Indian community subject to fulfillment of the following conditions:

  1. It shall have at least 50 Members;
  2. It shall be of secular nature;
  3. Its constitution shall be based on the model constitution provided by ICBF;
  4. It shall submit, once a year to ICBF a list of its members, annual report and audited accounts;
  5. It shall contribute 5% of their net income over expenses to ICBF or IDF fund held with Government of India in the form of cash or kind.
  6. It shall obtain approval of ICBF prior to organizing any national level events;
  7. It shall not have commercial registration (expect for QFC registration)
  8. It shall extent support in ICBF activities when called for.
  9. It shall have a mandate of new and existing members to register in the online portal of the Indian Mission in Qatar before applying or renewing membership.
Name of the Organization President Contact Number General Sec Contact Number Email
AMUAAQ Jawed Ahmad 66908549 Farman Khan 55075326
ASTER VOLUNTEERS John Pious Nigel 66198374 Vishnu Prasad Ks 66198374
BIHAR SOCIAL FORUM Irfan Hasan Ansari 55690873 Imtiyaz Ahmed H.S. Khan 55657705
BLOOD DONORS KERALA Shaji Babu Vettukattil 70489202 K.Krishna Kumar 70489202
GLOBAL KERALA PRAVASI ASSOCIATION (GKPA) Abdul Kabeer 66157242 Seena Wahab 55459356
IDUKKI KOTTAYAM EXPARTRIATES SERVICE ASSOCIATION-QATAR (IKESAQ) Mr. Pradeep Prabhakaran Vasudevan 55450784 Mr. Mahesh Mohanan 31236370
NIARC QATAR V.P Basheer 55210203 M.T. Hameed 55542445
ORUNGINAINTA THAMIZHAR PERVAI (OTP) S. Sameer Ahamed 3335 0684 S.I. Haji Mohamed 3021 0302
PUNARJANI Rajeev Menon 55845218 Rajesh Mangode 55886502
SINGH SEWA GROUP Sanjeev Sharma 55873005 Poonam Sharma 77873005
SOLACE QATAR Sreekala Prakasan 66653516 Bindu .K .Menon 55403288
TELANGANA GULF SAMITHI Shankar Sundaragiri 77212911 Shekar Madastu 30557688
TELANGANA WELFARE ASSOSCIATION (TWA) Khaja Nizamuddin 7788 3034 Venkata Soujanya Komuravelly Radha 6649 2709
UTTARA KARNATAKA BALAGA Shashidhar Hebbal 33857372 Nilesh Ranadeo 55074576
V CARE-QATAR Mohamed Shafi 55612528 Mohamed Haneef 55291105