About Us

ICBF Past Presidents

Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF), Qatar

Since 1984 Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF), undertakes the noble task of providing succor and solace to the underprivileged members of the Indian expatriate community in Qatar

ICBF is one of the four apex bodies under the Aegis of Indian Embassy of Qatar apart from Indian Cultural Center (ICC), Indian Professional Business Network (IBPN) and Indian Sports Center (ISC) carrying out its task completely selfless, non-profit oriented and philanthropic manner to help generally the needy and the working class from the community.

Managing Committee

H E Dr. Deepak Mittal

Patron: The Ambassador of India to Qatar

Mr. Sabith Saheer

General Secretary

Mrs.V. Rajani Murthy

Head of Medical Camps & Medical Assistance

Mr. Srinivasan Ramanathan

Head of Memberships

Mr. S Xavier Dhanaraj

Coordinating Officer ICBF First Secretary (Labour & Community Welfare)

Mrs.Kuldeep Kour Bahl

Treasurer & Domestic Workers Welfare

Mr.Irfan Hassan Ansari

Head of Youth Activities & Repatriation

Mr. Ziad Usman


Mrs. Carol Gonsalves

Joint Secretary & Head of Premises

Mr.Moninder Singh

Head of Labor Welfare & Labor Assistance

Mr. Vinod V Nair

Vice President

Mr.Dinesh Gowda

Head of Insurance

Mr.Sameer Wani

Head of Sponsorships

H E Dr. Deepak Mittal

Patron: The Ambassador of India to Qatar

Mr. Avinash Gaikwad

General Secretary

Mr. Juttas Paul

Head of Media and Development

Mr. Senthil Athiban Agastheeswaran

Head of Medical Camps & Fishermen Welfare

Mr. S R H Fahmi

Coordinating Officer ICBF First Secretary (Labour & Community Welfare)

Mrs. Nivedita Ketkar


Mrs. Rajani Murthy

Head of Medical Assistance & Domestic Workers Welfare

Mr. P.N Babaurajan


Mr. Subramanya Hebbagelu

Joint Secretary, Head of Facilities, Minor Assistance, Co-ordinator Media & PR

Mr. Ziad Usman

Head of Sponsorship and Events

Mr. Mahesh Gowda

Vice President

Mr. Santosh Kumar Pillai

Joint Secretary, Head of Youth Activities & Labor Assistance

Mr. Mehul Patel

Coordinator - Al Khore

Our Service

What ICBF does?

Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF) is a unique organization under the aegis of the Embassy of India, Doha, Qatar has undertaken the noble task of providing succor and solace to the needy and underprivileged brethren in distress at Qatar by way of providing Financial, Medical, and various other assistance.

ICBF has achieved its milestone by setting up its Help Desk in May 2006 at Indian Embassy premises for providing prompt assistance to deserving persons at the right juncture of their need. ICBF Help Desk is manned on all seven days a week during the evening hours (6 to 8 PM)

We provide assistance to the less fortunate and the deserving workforce of the community

  1. Free Medical Camps
  2. Arranging Free medical care for deserving cases
  3. Air tickets for deportation cases
  4. Transportation of mortal remains of the deceased and accompanying person.
  5. Minor assistance and food, ration to the stranded deserving persons.
  6. One time financial assistance towards medical treatment of life-threatening diseases at a local hospital.

Apart from these services ICBF

  1. Conducts children’s awareness campaigns.
  2. Yoga session for workers.
  3. Health and hygiene sessions for workers Arrange shows and other events to support and entertain the workers directly and indirectly.