Our History

Our History

In the year 1984, few prominent Indian businessmen and Indian community leaders living in Qatar have come together and undertaken the noble task of finding succor and solace to the underprivileged Indians in distress due to any unforeseen circumstances in Qatar. Thus 28 years back, the Indian Community Benevolent Forum was formed with Late Mulchand Assandas Kanjani as the founder President under the aegis of the Indian Embassy.

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    The first Managing Committee consisted of Late Fazel Bachouli as General Secretary, Mr.Abdul Gafoor, Mr. Ronnie Mendonza, Mr. M. V. Kader, Mr. Dileep Thakkar, Mr. P. P. Hyder, Mr. A. K.Usman, Mr. Alex Mathew and Mrs. Mani Rathi, as members of the first managing committee. Mr. Batish was the Indian Embassy representative acting as CCO in ICBF committee.

    The mission of the organization was to extend a helping hand to the needy underprivileged deserving Indian citizens.

    The seed sown by late Mulchand Assandas Kanjani and others had grown today and is functioning through its volunteers with great enthusiasm and zeal by setting up its Help Desk since May 2006 at Indian Embassy premises for providing prompt assistances to deserving persons at right juncture of their need.

    ICBF Help Desk is manned on all seven days a week during the evening hours ( 6 to 8 PM ). Hence Indian Community Benevolent Forum is working as a Role model of Charitable and Community welfare organization amongst all other expatriate communities residing at Qatar by way of its various activities to help the needy and deserving members of Indian expatriates at Qatar ICBF.